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Theory of Computation on PC

Borsig Turing-Werkstatt.exe*
is a free windows-software to simulate Turing machines
  * Werkstatt = Workshop

Version 2.3 for Win XP - Win 10

Turing-Werkstatt.zip contains Turing-Werkstatt.exe, version 2.3,  a short reference and some examples of Turing machines. The software needs no installation.

Video : Creating a Turingmachine with TWS
a turing-machine developed step by step with turing-werkstatt

What can I do with Turing-Werkstatt.exe ?

Terms of Use
You are allowed to use, copy and distribute the software for educational or private purpose. Any commercial use is forbidden. The program is carefully planned and written. Nevertheless i can not garantee the absence of any error. Therefore if you use Turing-Werkstatt.exe, it's on your own responsibility.

Turing-Werkstatt has as predecessor the DOS-Software MPG-Turing-Simulator, a software-project starting in 1989 by an course of the Max-Planck-Gymnasium in Trier, Germany. I have further develloped the software until 1997. MPG-Turing-Simulator is written in Turbo-Pascal. In 2004 i presented a project Turing-Simulator written in Delphi. Turing.pdf , a textfile in german, describes it. I took up this Delphi-project in 2014 and published it as Turing-Werkstatt.

Letzte Änderung : 16.9.2018